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Hello! My name is Lisa Harrison and I’m the founder and artisan of Sojourn Well, a specialty, handcrafted jewelry company with a mission to help those in need around the world.

I started the company in the Spring of 2012. I always had a passion for creating and so when I needed to raise money to go on a mission trip I decided to make and sell jewelry to raise the funds. Through that, I realized what a great love I have for forging beautiful wearables from metal and stones and I thought it was incredible that I was able to use that passion for a greater purpose than just my own benefit. I knew I wanted to continue doing that in any capacity I could. So I started Sojourn Well. 

Sojourn means “to stay for a time in a place; live temporarily”. No matter who you are, you have been given a precious, but small amount of time to live on this earth. If you're a believer in Christ, then life here is just a sojourn, a brief adventure, before we reach our true home in Heaven. The message of Sojourn Well is to make the most of every moment you've been given, and that might be by something as simple as choosing to purchase your jewelry or the gifts that you give from a company that will use that investment to give back to those in need. That's how I want to live my sojourn - for more than just myself - and to use my talents and passions to help those in need. Because of this, I donate 20% of every single sale to Big World Project, an charitable non-profit organization that rescues impoverished children from off the streets of India. Big World Project builds orphanages and safe houses to care for the kids, sharing the love of Jesus with them and providing them with all they need, like food, water, an education and medical care. This is what your purchase goes towards, allowing YOU to make a difference with your life. Every time you choose to make a purchase from Sojourn Well, whether it’s a needed birthday gift, jewelry for a special event, or just to treat yourself, you get to join a team of hundreds of others to truly make a wonderful difference in the life of child who is in desperate need of hope.

Join us in living for more than ourselves and make a difference in a child's life through beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

- Lisa Harrison

  Founder and Artist

Sojourn Well